Use this from to add yourself to the list of players seeking a team to play on in San Jose, Fremont, or Oakland, if you want to play in multiple rinks put yourself on for each rink
Please enter the requested information, for Rink/Level/Position. Indicate Fremont, San Jose, or Oakland and the level you are interested in playing. In SJ the levels go from A to E, with A the highest. In Fremont the levels are Novice, Interm. and Lower Advanced. In Oakland the levels are Over 40, Platnium, Gold, Silver and Bronze

This list does not guarantee placement on a team.

After you submit the information, it will be approved within 48 hours and be visible to the team captains in all rinks. If they are looking for players they will be in contact with you directly, once you have found a team, please email the league manager ( and indicate that you want to be removed from the list.

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